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Tide Used Appliance Service Repair Work

Tide Used Appliance Service Repair Work

5813 Ringgold Road, Chattanooga, TN 37412

(423) 763-1143

If you are looking for washer machine service around Chattanooga, Tennessee, give us a call, here at Tide Used Appliances Service & Repair. As a matter of fact, give us a call for all of your appliance repair needs. Here at Tide Used Appliances Service & Repair, we have the experts that can have your appliances fixed in no time, and at an affordable costs.


Signature Appliance

Signature Appliance

Servicing your area, Chattanooga, TN 37421

(423) 668-6430

Signature Appliance opened in 2008. We try to use local business's in the surrounding areas to contribute to Chattanooga's growth. Our appliance repair technicians are courteous and knowledgeable and we pride our selves on our professionalism.

Our mission statement:
"To be the best in Appliance, Heating and Air service in the surrounding area of Chattanooga. Providing our customers with respect, honesty, great service and low prices"

"It works! It works! It actually works!...

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